Picture Books

Phoebe Clappsaddle and the Tumbleweed Gang


Phoebe is raised as a Southwestern belle but will have to handle the Tumbleweed brothers at the territory rodeo, and with her pinkies up.

 ISBN   9781565549661 

Phoebe Clappsaddle for Sheriff


Phoebe is headed to Buzzard, Texas, and is stepping in for the sheriff to greet the new school teacher. But there is a stagecoach full of trouble and three grumbly Tumbleweeds, too.

 ISBN   9781589801271 

Phoebe Clappsaddle Has a Tumbleweed Christmas

This story has a mystery to be solved with a cute and cuddly Christmas present ending.

Christmas Eve, but oh no--a mule-mail mix-up in the territory. Things are missing at Tumbleweed Canyon. Not problem. Phoebe Clappsaddle knows a dee-lightful clue when she sees it.

 ISBN   9781589802414 

Chachalaca Chiquita

This is

If a pebble fell from the sky, in Texas, what is a chachalaca to do? That is what Chiquita must decide. She hopes her, not-so-perfect flock can help find the jefe, that the sky is not falling and that there is no flying! Aye Chihuahua. It is Chicken Little, Texas-style.

ISBN   9781455617043  

Picture Books are "hands-on" fun!


Picture books let the reader take an adventure through the writer and illustrator's imagination. 

Texas History

Lone Star Legacy:The Texas Rangers Then and Now

This is a history from 1823 to today. The Texas Ranger Law Enforcement Organization has been ready to come to the aid of Texas the colony, Texas the Republic, Texas the state, Texans their fellow citizens. 

This is a chronological account with highlights, stories, and events in the changing times over almost 200 years, and the the way the organization adapted but stayed true to the original dedication to Texas. 

ISBN  9781455621040


Space Science

The Sun


Our star is more than a big ball of hot gases.  It is a  part of every day and there is more to learn.



The second planet from the sun is similar to the earth in many ways. But the differences are big one to study.

The Moon


Earth has one moon and it is just right. It shines light in the night and gives a close look at what else is out in our solar system.



The fourth planet from the sun and the closest one to the earth. The red planet is a mystery that is full of information.



This planet is one of the big gas giants. From the time it was discovered and since its mysteries continue to make it special.



Did you know comets have two tails? That is not all. The knowledge that comes from comet study is spectacular.

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