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Nonfiction Fun!

It's the research that makes the words into, Wow!  That;s me on NASA's Vomit Comet, as a reporter for Boys' Life Magazine. Yes, I'm floating in mid air and there is a woman doing a backwards summersault on my right.  We flew for about 90 minutes over the Gulf of Mexico. It was a blast! 


Texas, Our Texas

No matter the day, we give thanks for Texas.



Love the promise of new life and prosperity.

See you at the TLA, Booth 2011

I love being a writer. As a native Texan I see history, adventure, bravery, spunk and shear joy of life all around me. This is not even mentioning the vast natural  beauty of geography and animals that are also native Texan. Since I have been blessed to have also lived in Tennessee, Connecticut, New Jersey, Ohio and Georgia, I have been provided everything I need to write about the things I'm supposed to write. Stories are everywhere we go or want to go. They are just waiting to jump onto  the page and be shared.

My brother and I learned about New England, books, and imagination when we were little.

Writing is the fun of re-experiencing

While growing up, my family traveled from Hawaii to Maine.  My favorite memories include horseback riding, seashell hunting, planetarium visits, and hiking the Appalachian Trail. My brother was my playmate. We had fun pretending to be on pirate ships that were really rolled up carpets or tiptoeing through forests that were really living room furniture. These experiences, and family stories, encouraged me to know the present, not forget the past, and look for the next adventure. 

In third grade, I wrote my first full story, an assignment for my teacher. It never became a book but it was exciting to see my words go from beginning, to middle, to end. In high school, I wrote  a few things for fun, and entered a writing contest. I did not win but that short story is now a 19 chapter fantasy novel waiting to be sold to a publisher.  In college, research papers were required, and not my best, but they taught me how to seriously research and prove my facts. In each stage I learned something, and writing has been there all along.


Research is just digging into the good stuff

My husband and I raised a family and during that time writing took a back seat. In the meantime, I worked many book-related jobs.  Then it was the write time.  Stories were finally coming together and that was the first professional step to being an author.

Family is precious. Everyone in my  family loves to read, play music, compete at games, go to movies, each pizza and laugh. When they get together it's a party


Books take the reader and writer...away

The setting is created for the reader's destination. But the writer, always gets to go first.