Virginia Marsh Roeder used collage and cutout pattern paper to create a colorful rodeo setting.


Young Phoebe was raised a Southwestern belle; a genteel western gal who could ride any horse, rope any critter that moved and do it all...with her pinkies up. 

That is  beginning of the my first book and with it, I became a book published author.  The story has most of my favorite things; horses, the color pink, girl stuff, western things, Texas, and my great, great, great aunt's name,

Phoebe Clappsaddle.

It developed into a 32 page hard back, jacketed picture book, with amazing illustrations by Virginia Marsh Roeder.  What started as a thought and a smile turned into a beautiful book with plenty of yeehaws to follow.  PHOEBE CLAPPSADDLE AND THE TUMBLEWEED GANG went into its second printing before the end of its first year.  It won

 the 2005 Texas State Reading Association Golden Spur.  It is a Texas tall tale and a charmer for ages 5 to 95.

Two other Phoebe Clappsaddle adventures followed and there are hopes and starts for others. For now, this, these three are the adventures of the southwestern belle and Tumbleweed Gang, the most low-down, good-for-nothin' cowpokes in the territory, south of Big Spring, west of Marathon, north of Terlingua, and east of El Paso.

ISBN  9781565549661

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Love of Texas, and Love of history, led to, LONE STAR LEGACY: THE TEXAS RANGERS THEN AND NOW


The history of the Texas Ranger Law Enforcement Organization may seem hidden.  It is not.  As Texans we have a legacy left to us by them, in the past, and the gift of their protection now.  Then and now, they are for Texas.  They come when they are called--they are our help on the ready, and faithful protectors of the law at the need.  They are not for show but show up they will if the need is there and the law has been broken.

This book took eight years to write. I extend my gratitude to every Texas Ranger, but specifically those whom I interviewed. It takes very little time, while talking with any Texas Ranger, to acquire a healthy respect for all they do. I appreciate the time they gave.

The research was hard and wonderful.  I would liken it to digging for gold. Long hours of work are worth it when finding that valuable piece of information.

In 2019, this book was awarded the San Antonio Conservation Society Publication Award for juvenile literature.  It was a tremendous honor.  History is the best!  Texas Ranger history is Texas history.  God bless and protect our Texas Rangers.

ISBN   9781455621040