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"I love visiting schools! My goal is to be of benefit to the students. Here are a few handouts, websie links, ideas, suggestions, and a list of some of the best schools and libraries I've visited. But for the full benefit…"

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A Successful (and Easy) School Visit

A school visit should be of benefit to the student and not a pain for the coordinator. Here are a few suggestions for making this a good experience for everyone (including the author).
  1. Book an author 3 to 12 months in advance. This way you usually have your pick of the dates.
  2. Choose an author who has been recommended for their presentations and books.
  3. See if a local bookseller will provide the author’s books for sale at the school. This makes it easier on the author, keeps business connections with the community, and takes that task off your brain.
  4. If the author doesn’t provide one, have a written agreement that both the author and you sign, date, and get a copy; even a simple letter with the date and expectations will do. This keeps everyone “on the same page.”
  5. Familiarize the students with the author’s books before the author visit.
  6. A table, a chair, some water, a microphone, and a waiting parking space are five things that put a smile on a visiting author’s face.
  7. Relax and enjoy the visit yourself.

Some of My Favorite Schools

2014: A tie!
East Elementary, Hallsville ISD, Hallsville TX, Rhonda McKinney, librarian
North Elementary, Hallsville ISD, Hallsville TX, Melissa Garrison, librarian

2013 Holland Elementary, Brevard County Schools, Satellite Beach, FL
Viviene Wittock, Media Specialist; Judy Vizzini, First Grade Teacher

2012 Jimmy L. Elrod Elementary (Northside ISD) San Antonio, TX
Diane Colvin, librarian

2011 Saint Vincent de Paul Catholic School, Houston, TX
Shelley James, librarian

2009 Sugar Hill Elementary (Gwinnett CSD) Buford, GA
Tammy Smith, media specialist

2008 Arnold Mill Elementary (Cherokee SD) Woodstock, GA
Jacqui Zaski, media specialist

2007 Frank Macias Elementary (Clint SD) El Paso, TX
Ann Sawyer, librarian

2006 South Columbus Elementary (Muscogee Co. ISD) Columbus, GA
Mary Fisher, librarian

2005 North Oaks/Caraway Elementary (Round Rock ISD) Austin, TX
Yvonne Fuller, librarian

2004 Grace Hill Elementary (Rogers Schools) Rogers, AR
Jennie Brook Rehl, principal

2003 Chamberlain Elementary (Chamberlain Schools) Chamberlain, SD
Jeff Tveit, 3rd grade teacher

2002 Bang Elementary (Cypress-Fairbanks ISD) Houston, TX
Ruth Weismann, librarian

2001 Patterson Elementary (Houston ISD) Houston, TX
Mindy Armstrong, assistant principal,

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