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Chachalaqua Chiquita
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Chachalaqua Chiquita

Illustration Copyright © David Harrington 2011

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ISBN: 9781455617043

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Set in the Southwest, this colorful spin on the Chicken Little tale follows Chachalaca Chiquita, a colorful southwestern bird, through her journey after a pebble falls from the sky and hits her right on the head. On a mission to tell the jefe (boss) that the sky is falling, Chachalaca Chiquita joins the feathered flock-Lina Gallina, the prairie hen, and her chicks-and heads to the mountain, passing bugs buzzing, birds flying, lizards snatching, and animals moseying. The pajaros (birds) gather Carlos Cordoniz, the Montezuma Quail, and Pablo Pavo, the wild turkey, and pass by Buho Sabio, the sleepy Elf Owl, on their journey. Suddenly, their adventure takes a turn when they meet sly Tacito Ocelote! Here the group learns that he is the jefe-the one who started it all and has been expecting the odd flock for dinner.

In addition to a lesson on bravery, this story includes Spanish vocabulary and a glossary of terms. Vibrant illustrations incorporate a variety of southwestern animals sure to keep readers young and old engaged.

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