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Chachalaca Chiquita

5.0 out of 5 stars A Great Book!
Melanie Chrismer has set this spin on the CHICKEN LITTLE STORY in the southwest. I thoroughly enjoyed reading the story with all the animals that the bird visited until she arrived at the "boss" (the ocelote). The boss of course only wanted to enjoy Chiquita as his dinner. Melanie produced a happy ending to the story.
You will love the illustrations by David Harrington. The expressions on the animals faces assists the reader in knowing the emotions of the main characters. Have fun with this story., Dad of Divas review

5.0 out of 5 stars A Texas Treat to read!
My kids enjoyed this book very much. As a parent, I appreciate that the story has multiple lessons. The story features animals native to Texas, which in turn sparks curiosity about zoology studies of these animals (i.e. the chachalaca is a real bird) The Spanish words interspersed throughout the story promote bilingual skills. I especially liked the moral lesson of the story where the mean character learns what goes around comes around., TXMAMABEAR2 review

Phoebe Clappsaddle Has a Tumbleweed Christmas

Phoebe Clappsaddle Has a Tumbleweed Christmas, must read from --Today’s Books

Phoebe Clappsaddle and the Tumbleweed Gang

"Dainty, darling Phoebe Clappsaddle combines southern manners with roping rattlesnakes." --Review of Texas Books, JoAn W. Martin

"Couldn’t resist this book—and I'm not even a little kid." --Vivian Choi, review

Phoebe Clappsaddle for Sheriff

"The colorful language makes Phoebe Clappsaddle for Sheriff a wonderful read...", Dee Gentle, Book Reviewer

"Phoebe Clappsaddle rides to the rescue again… Chrismer has created a delightful character in Phoebe. …This juvenile book is strongly recommended." --Review of Texas Books

"This lively tribute to female empowerment should have regional appeal and will supplement tall-tale collections." --School Library Journal, Rosalyn Pierini, San Luis Obispo City-County Library

The Moon

This book is a great way to introduce the moon and it's place in space. This book also includes a lot of background information on the moon. It also shows A picture of Neil Armstrong's foot print on the Moon and the phases of the Moon., Rita's review


I liked this book. It had a lot of interesting facts that I didn't know. I would have liked it more as a grade school student because I would be so mind boggled by the facts and consumed by the illustrations. Perfect for helping with a grade school report or even high school to get a few interesting and easy facts., David St. John's review


5.0 out of 5 stars Great book for the 4 to 6 age group (give or take)
My 5 year old is really interested in outer space and the planets. I purchased this book along with The Sun, The Moon, and the Little Big Box of Planets: And Pluto, Too! He loves them! And he's not the only one. Every time I read these books, and I have read them REPEATEDLY, I am always amazed by some fact. I would highly recommend this book and any of the books in this series., Gina Silva's review

Highlights from the Hubble Telescope: Postcards from Space

"Highlights from the Hubble Telescope: Postcards from Space will make an outstanding addition to your classroom science bookshelf...This book is truly a visual delight, and offers a rare opportunity to view such stunning images of our universe."

National Science Teachers Organization

Odd & Even Socks

Publisher’s Comment: Parents will be delighted to see kids practicing their odd and even numbers at home while doing the laundry!

Speaking Reviews

"Ms. Chrismer was an excellent addition to our Library's first Young Authors and Illustrators Conference. Not only was she professional and "easy to work with," her love for children and children's literature shown through her entertaining and educational presentations.” –- Lisa Youngblood, Library Director Harker Heights Public Library, Harker Heights, TX

"Melanie Chrismer delighted our students with her versatility and unique approach to tall tales, historical, and "vomit comet" presentations." --Sherry Johnston, retired librarian, Meadow Wood Elementary School, Spring Branch ISD, Houston, TX

"Melanie is a professional—good with children, and presented well received programs for the library." --Gail Trimble, Assistant Librarian, retired, Bear Creek/Tyra Branch, Harris Co. PL, Houston, TX

"Melanie Chrismer's speach, 'The Joy of Writing' was the highlight of JWKC's first annual conference. While dazzling the crowd with her ropings skills and dispensing advice from her 10-gallon hat she counseled writers to seek out the pure joy of crafting stories and to write to please themselves."
--Christine Taylor-Butler, author and Juven Writers of Kansas City Conf. Chairwoman

"What a gift for our school! Melanie Chrismer was a delightful learning resource to our 514 students and their families. Our teachers utilized her expertise in writing instruction." --Jennie Brooks, Principal, Grace Hill Elementary, Rogers, AR

"Melanie Chrismer 'lassoes' students and teachers with humor and excellent presentation skills. They follow her happily into reading, writing, and science adventures..." --Virginia H. Meldrum, owner The Owl's Tree Bookstore and Owl's Tree Authors In Schools

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