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Melanie Chrismer

Melanie Chrismer is a native Texan. She’s also lived in Tennessee, Connecticut, New Jersey, Ohio and Georgia but now lives in the Clear Lake area near Houston.

While growing up, Melanie’s family traveled from Hawaii to Maine. Her favorite memories include horseback riding, seashell hunting, planetarium visits, and hiking the Appalachian Trail. These experiences, and family stories, encourage her to preserve the past, walk in the present, and look for the next adventure.

Melanie and little brother, Doug,
the year she wrote her first story.

In third grade, she wrote her first story. In high school, she wrote for fun. In college, research papers were required. Writing has always been there.

Melanie and her husband raised a family and during that time writing took a back seat. In the meantime, she worked many book-related jobs. Then it was the write time. Stories were finally coming together and that was the first step to being an author.

Family is precious. Everyone in Melanie’s family loves to read, play music, compete at games, go to movies, and laugh. When they get together it's a party.

Melanie at Blue Willow Bookshop.

Melanie experiencing Zero-G!

"Writing is a blast; an adventure in every story." This job even took her on the zero-gravity astronaut trainer—the Vomit Comet! With the publication of her first book, Phoebe Clappsaddle and the Tumbleweed Gang, Melanie became a book author. Even more exciting, it won The Texas State Reading Association 2005 Golden Spur Award. 15 books (picture books, easy-to-read books, elementary and middle grade nonfiction) and 12 years later, she’s still reading, writing and laughing. There’s always something new in the works.

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"I love to read, write, and play the flute. But everything that I have now or will ever have, including my writing career, is from the Grace of God!"

Acts 16:31

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