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Frequently Asked Questions

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This is no tall tale.
The three most popular kid-questions for Melanie are:
How old are you?
How much money do you make?

and the ever popular
How much do you weigh?

These questions get a polite 'non-answer' like:
Several years older than I want to be.
Just enough to keep me from digging ditches.

More than a kitten and less than an elephant.

But here are real answers for some FAQs.

Q. How old were you when you started writing?
A. I really started writing stories when I was 8 years old. My 3rd grade
teacher, Mrs. Ready, assigned a class project to write a "book." At the time I thought it was a terrible task but by the time I was finished I felt
proud. I truly believe Mrs. Ready sparked my imagination for becoming an author.

Q. What is your favorite book?
A. My favorite picture book is, And To Think I Saw It On Mulberry
by Dr. Seuss. My favorite chapter book is, The Phantom Tollbooth, by Norton Juster. My favorite grown up book is John Adams, by David McCullough but I love William Shakespeare, James Fenimore Cooper, Daniel Defoe and P.G. Wodehouse far too much to ever leave them off of a favorite list. I love to read!

Q. How long does it take to write a book?
A. A book has its very own time to start, grow, get all ready for the
world, and be published. Sometimes it can take 10 or more years. Other
times it can be whipped into shape in just a year. But most of the time,
for me, the books are written and rewritten for a few months, hunt for a
publisher home for about a year and then they are ready to be sold to at the bookstore 2 years later; so about 3 1/2 years.

Q. Did you always know you were going to be a writer?
A. No. Even though Mrs. Ready made me think about being an author in
third grade, I really thought I wanted to be a meteorologist--I love
exciting weather. But no that was not my 'right job.' So I thought I would
be a professional flute player--I love making lilting melodies float on the
wind. But no that was not my 'right job.' So I thought I would be a
mathematician--math is like a game to me. But no that was not my 'right
job, either.' After trying several jobs I found I was pretty good at being
a wife and mother--I love playing, learning, and teaching (in that order).
So I took Mrs. Ready's inspiration, combined it with everything I knew and
started writing stories again. Yes, this is my 'right job.'

Q. Do you write chapter books?
A. I'm working on a novel right now. It has 21 chapters and combines
everything I love to read; pirates, humor, fantasy, science, math, growing
up, and most of all a twisting adventure.

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